You can call it congestion or throttling. I call it unacceptable.

I pay for 105 Mbps of downstream Internet from Comcast, and I get just 6 Mbps every evening.

I’ve been running speed tests for weeks now. It looks like this every time:

I put a sizable hole in my wallet every month for “Blast” internet. Comcast even upgraded “Blast” from 50 Mbps to 105 Mbps recently, but each evening, I might as well be using their 6 Mbps “Performance Starter.” When I actually want to use anything close to the speeds they charge me for, I can’t.

Please, Comcast, tell me how you’re going to blame Netflix for this one.

Please, Comcast, tell me again you can send a technician but only during business hours, when my Internet works fine.

Please, Comcast, tell me how you’re going to charge me more.

Please, Comcast, tell me how net neutrality would stifle “innovation” and discourage you from “investing” in infrastructure.

And please, Comcast, tell me how that would be any different from the status quo.