September WordCamps

On Saturday, Sept. 11, I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Mid-Atlantic in Baltimore, Md. I’ll be speaking about a number of advanced WordPress APIs for plugin developers. I intend to transition quickly from one API to the next, providing quick hits and a use case or two, hopefully introducing many of them for the first time to a captivated audience. (One can hope, right?) Expect a high tempo. I’ll have a lengthy blog post prepared with further explanations and examples as well as copious links to resources.

Other speakers at WCMA (which is organized by Aaron Brazell) include Brad Williams, Scott Kingsley-Clark, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, and Jake Goldman.

On September 18, while all the cool kids are attending WordCamp Portland, I’ll be traversing only one timezone to WordCamp Birmingham in Alabama. I’ll be discussing what’s next for the WordPress project, including a look at 3.0 and a look forward to 3.1. I’ll also try to answer some questions, but Matt did a town hall Q&A here last year so I can’t really best that.

Other speakers include Sara Cannon and Dougal Campbell (both of whom I met at WordCamp Savannah last month). Literally everyone else will be at Portland, but I’m not jealous, I swear. 🙂

Want one of these awesome badges? Mid-Atlantic’s was designed by Whitmoyer and the Birmingham badge is by Sara.

WordCamp Savannah

I ventured to WordCamp Savannah this weekend. It was an awesome group of people, and even with my WordCamp schedule (see the sidebar) growing, it’s going to be a really tough event to top.

I spoke three times at Savannah: two presentations (both posted below), and I sat (stood?) on a core team Q&A panel with Matt Mullenweg, Jane Wells, and Mark Jaquith.

The first presentation was Contributing to WordPress. With a few core contributors and a solid group of developers in the audience, I had to kick it up a few notches once I got going, but I think I adjusted that well.

In the second presentation, I presented the goals of my Google Summer of Code project, theme revisions. I received some great feedback from Mark (on FTP integration), Matt (on SVN integration), and many others. I also confessed that my first experience three years ago was with the file editor, in version 2.3.2. It hasn’t changed much, but I tried my best to convince the crowd that a lot more could be done.

Daryl Koopersmith also showed off his visual theme editor, and John James Jacoby demonstrated EventPress. We also discussed scribu‘s project that is now soaking in WordPress 3.1-alpha, and Justin Shreve‘s project on the ideas/suggestions theme.

I’m attending WordCamp San Francisco 2010

I’ll be in San Francisco this weekend at WordCamp SF. It’s officially a one-day conference, but I’ll be there for meetings and work sessions into the next week:
WordCamp San Francisco 2010
Saturday, May 1: WordCamp
Sunday, May 2: Developer Conference
Monday, May 3 and Tuesday, May 4: Code Sprint!

The full schedule is on the WordCamp website. Here’s what it says about the code sprint, which I imagine may be one of the highlights of the trip:

A number of WordPress core developers will be working at Pier 38, the Automattic Lounge, from 9am onward to work on patching as many bugs as possible for the 3.0 release.

I’ll have a chance to meet with many people I’ve gotten to know well over the last few months. One goal will be to meet with my Google Summer of Code mentors, Andy Skelton and Beau Lebens, and hammer out the scope of the project. Another will be to solve this nasty bug on the plane ride on Friday.

My new Macbook Pro arrived Monday (13″, 2.53 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB HD), so I’ve been getting my development environment set up and ready to go.

I’ll be probably way too active on Twitter this weekend. Oh, also, I’ll be on the genius bar at one point Saturday. If you’re going to WCSF, find me and say hello!