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I ventured to WordCamp Savannah this weekend. It was an awesome group of people, and even with my WordCamp schedule (see the sidebar) growing, it’s going to be a really tough event to top.

I spoke three times at Savannah: two presentations (both posted below), and I sat (stood?) on a core team Q&A panel with Matt Mullenweg, Jane Wells, and Mark Jaquith.

The first presentation was Contributing to WordPress. With a few core contributors and a solid group of developers in the audience, I had to kick it up a few notches once I got going, but I think I adjusted that well.

In the second presentation, I presented the goals of my Google Summer of Code project, theme revisions. I received some great feedback from Mark (on FTP integration), Matt (on SVN integration), and many others. I also confessed that my first experience three years ago was with the file editor, in version 2.3.2. It hasn’t changed much, but I tried my best to convince the crowd that a lot more could be done.

Daryl Koopersmith also showed off his visual theme editor, and John James Jacoby demonstrated EventPress. We also discussed scribu‘s project that is now soaking in WordPress 3.1-alpha, and Justin Shreve‘s project on the ideas/suggestions theme.



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8 thoughts on “WordCamp Savannah”

    1. I tried to think of a bug report I received via unconventional means. There were a lot of them that came to mind, but this one I was able to locate quickly. Glad you enjoyed that.

  1. As far as I know, the only problematic upgrade was WP 2.3 which introduced tags & taxonomy, and that had major DB structure impacts. This core upgrade did break lots of themes.

    Is that what you are addressing with theme revisions? If so, I don’t get how to sandbox and revert DB schema changes 🙂

    Or are you targeting the “this *theme* upgrade broke my site” problems?

    1. I really should have waited to post those slides because they are truly a dearth of information and only outlined a rather detailed talk. I will try to write up bullet points soon.

      I’m referring to a theme upgrade breaking the user’s theme, whether that’s because they made changes to it, or because they didn’t like the changes. So it’s very subjective.

      Sandboxing refers to the prevention of parse and fatal errors when editing files. Specifically, this is important with functions.php, which can take down the file editor.

  2. Nice job on all the presentations! Do you have any idea if some of these were video taped and are going to be posted on WordPress.tv? Specifically the GSoC presentations? It would be nice to see you guys talk about the projects.

    Nice growing list of WordCamps too… See you in New York!

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