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Last night I spoke at the DC PHP August meetup, hosted by Fathom Creative near Logan Circle.

The topic was WordPress 3.0, covering custom post types and taxonomies, multisite and the MU merge, and advancements in theme development. I also spilled the beans that we’re moving to PHP 5.2 with WordPress 3.2 (gasp!). I shared our development and release philosophies, and also had an engaging talk about security, BlindElephant, and shared hosting, which is always fun.

It was a great group (about 30 people) and a good warm-up for my WordCamp presentations this weekend at Savannah.

The presentation was 68 slides in all and lasted about 75 minutes. Without hearing the talk though, you wouldn’t know that the second slide was my first patch ever, but there you go. (I’ll be talking much more about that this weekend at Savannah.) You also wouldn’t know that I actually go into a spirited defense of shared hosts after boldly declaring they suck, so don’t read into the slides too much:

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Just wondering if you could tell me your source for info on slides 60 – 65.

    I am seeing the opposite being mentioned in some of the UK Magazines!

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