Simple Footnotes 0.3

I’ve released a small update to my Simple Footnotes plugin.

If you paginate your posts, you can now move your footnotes below your page links. Look under Settings > Reading for a simple toggle. Regardless of the setting, footnotes will still appear as normal for posts that are unpaginated.

This feature was requested by Chip Bennett, and he’s been using this update on his site for a few days. Rave reviews! 🙂

Feature requests welcome! I’d like to allow you to customize the markup a bit, if that is desired. Also, I have some code running on this blog that allows logged-in users to utilize footnotes in their comments, which I’m willing to integrate into the plugin as well.

The plugin is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Here’s the source. The new version is 0.3. I’ll be writing more about this plugin in the future, so you should probably bookmark the tag or subscribe to its RSS feed.

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16 thoughts on “Simple Footnotes 0.3”

  1. Just FYI for anyone else using Simple Footnotes and wanting to style the footnote reference links and the footnotes themselves: it’s incredibly simple to do via CSS:

    1) To style the reference links, use the CSS class a.simple-footnote

    2) To style the footnotes, use the CSS class div.simple-footnotes

    Cheers, and thanks again for a perfect-for-its-intended-use plugin!

  2. Glad to see my patch for wp_link_pages_args coming in handy. It’d be really nice for other plugins to start using this for similar things instead of hooking everything at the end of the_content.

    1. Now that I had a chance to look over it more carefully, I noticed that you’re overwriting $args['after'] for wp_link_pages_args. The footnotes should be appended to it rather than overwriting it. Otherwise, it might break some HTML if theme devs are using something like a closing <p> tag for that argument.

      1. It looks like it’s doing that, but it isn’t. The footnotes() method appends the footnotes to the content that gets passes in.

        Cleverly (in my opinion), the same method is used to append footnotes to the_content and wp_list_pages. In both cases the initial content/HTML is preserved.

  3. This is a very nice, useful and elegant plugin.
    Yet let me propose:

    1. So that the number of footnote within the text is more distinguished and legible I propose to have it like e.g. (1) or /1/.

    2. As the native language of my websites is not English I have to translate the word ‘Notes:’ into my language (i.e. Czech). I did so by editing the simple-footnotes.php, which is impractical as to the plugin upgrading.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Josef,

      1. I chose simple, semantic markup. On most themes you’ll see it in superscript, which is semantic. You’re welcome to of course style it yourself, which may include borders, a background, or even content via CSS using :before/:after. Beyond that, I haven’t received any other requests to allow customized markup, but I’m willing to look into that if I have time. I suppose I can include in a filter there for now to enable you to customize it through a plugin or functions.php, if you desire and have those abilities.

      2. On next update I’ll be sure to make sure the plugin is properly internationalized for translation purposes. Probably shortly, since you asked. You’re welcome to submit a .mo file for the single word, and I’ll gladly incorporate it. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you an email, that way I can include the .mo file in the first i18n’d release.

      Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you like the plugin.


      1. Hi Andrew,
        thank you for your reply.
        I do not understand what you mean by me submitting a .mo file. As far as I know every plugin being translatable bears a .pot file which makes it possible to produce a .po and .mo files.

      2. Hi Andrew, I’m using your plugin at one of my websites and I’m amazed at how well it works, not to mention it’s really easy to use. Great to have it! I’m also eagerly waiting for its internationalized update, thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Andrew,
    I find your Simple Footnotes plugin very useful, easy and elegant looking – just what I needed. I have one issue, however, that I can not resolve: it duplicates each footnote lately.
    I added 4 footnotes to this article, but there are 8 notes, the same four twice.
    I am on WordPress 3.1. , using the Atahualpa theme.
    Any ideas? Could the plugin have a compatibily issue with something else?
    Thank you!

  5. Andrew, great plugin. I see that 0.4 in trunk still has a very small bug: “Plugin Description” should be “Description”. Just making you aware if you weren’t.

  6. I could bring forth ever taken why person has dealt so modifierly with this issue. Now afford up to me full go. Truly interesting your thesis. Although my English is non so skilful, your posting I can realize. Hold back up the Light.

  7. Hi Andrew,

    thank you for developing this plugin, which we have been using on our poetry and poetics website. One thing we have just recently noticed is that the footnotes are also being duplicated in author bios at the end of posts …

    Here is one recent example:‘the-anti-logos-weapon’-excesses-of-meaning-and-subjectivity-in-mezangelle-poetry/

    I have checked the code and cannot figure out why this would be happening. Any ideas?

    Thanks in a dance for any insights you might be able to provide!


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