What I’m Reading: The New York Times, apparently

I’ve read 200 New York Times articles in the past 30 days. Since The New York Times set up their paywall, they’ve apparently much been more diligent about tracking what I read, since their recommendations page shows me this number broken down by section. This number is actually low. Sometimes my session ends (on both devices I use) and I don’t notice until I’m nagged about the paywall 20 articles later. (RescueTime suggests I read at least 350 pages on nytimes.com during this time period.)

I received a notice today that my complimentary subscription to nytimes.com expires December 31, so it looks like I’ll finally have to succumb to paying.

My top sections: U.S. — 69, Sports — 24, World — 21, Business Day — 21, Opinion — 14, Technology — 14, N.Y. / Region — 9, Science — 5, Magazine — 5, Arts — 3.