Jon Stewart, Ron Paul, and WordPress

Did you know that before you could write crazy shit on Tumblr and WordPress, people had to type their crazy shit up on what was called paper — and distribute it by hand, reaching the few paranoid conspiracists within walking distance.
— Jon Stewart

That was The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on Tuesday night, referring to Ron Paul’s decades-old newsletters. Just another way to describe democratizing publishing.

Bonus: Ron Paul’s 2012 website runs WordPress. And he’s not the only one.

Double Bonus: Comedy Central’s Indecision site is WordPress too. (I knew wasn’t, but it didn’t take long to find one that was.)

Updated with the clip:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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17 thoughts on “Jon Stewart, Ron Paul, and WordPress”

  1. I love how these guys are hardcore capitalists, using community-built software to spread their hate.

    …actually, it enrages me.

    1. What’s wrong with capitalism? Soviet Union collapse proves socialism doesn’t work.

      Not that America is capitalist sense a central bank is one of Marx’s 10 planks in the Communist Manifesto. I guess in that case you’re write, Paul would save us from being slaves to bankers like the Soviets who ate sawdust bread.

  2. Thankfully we can’t see hardcore capitalists on video here in the UK. Due to our own brand of capitalists and video regulations outside of the US. Now, if it was VideoPress, we’d be fine.

    1. Good thing capitalism is the superior system to you European socialists. Wealth and prosperity in America (don’t think so? go to Cambodia, you’ll work harder with a gun at your back for a bowl of rice a day) as Soviet Union collapses proving the economic flaws Ludwig von Mises and others predicted in the early 1900’s.

      Not that I consider America a capitalist state, sense it’s a centrally planned economy. That would change under Paul though.

  3. More mass media manipulation: Ron Paul’s photo has an unfortunate shadow under his nose, making it look like a Hitler mustache.

  4. One of my favorite technologies featured on one of my favorite shows. I just about jumped out of my skin when I saw this.

    Yes, WordPress rules the world and now the world knows it!

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