At the risk of this getting drowned out with everything else abuzz in the WordPress community:

On Thursday, I am visiting GoDaddy headquarters. Please post any questions you may have for them and I will see to it that I can get them answered.

Some background: GoDaddy hosts a few hundred thousand WordPress sites, many through a special package. They have been bitten by the same attacks affecting other hosting companies. I previously mentioned GoDaddy when compiling my thoughts on WordPress security and the shared hosting attacks, and I didn’t mince words then.

What should I ask?

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  1. I’d love to know how much testing they do of beta versions of WordPress before they are released on there hosting platform so as to catch show stoppers which would affect their customer base.

  2. Interesting. Will you be meeting anyone precisely (like tech people)?

    One thing I’d like to ask them is how they stand regarding the FUD some hosts started, stating that WPMU was a resource hog (for instance Dreamhost said once that they would not accept MU on their shared servers, and that you’d have to get a private server to do so, ). Now that WP == WPMU that may be a critical question.

    1. Interesting. Will you be meeting anyone precisely (like tech people)?

      Yes, their hosting development team, CIO, security operations team, a few VPs and product managers, etc.

      1. In addition ot Ohz’s question, could they get some support people who know the different between WP and what was MU, and concentrate more on giving their customers clearer answers?

        Just been helping too many people who ask GoDaddy support various questions and either get the wrong answer, or get confusing and contradictory answers.

        Example: clients was trying to install MU, support said their WP install manual was the right one. It’s not.

        I do understand the technical reasons they insist those running a network get a dedicated IP. For the subdomains or if they are domain mapping. Add-on or secondary domains on the account trying to run a network sometimes run into issues that WP gets blamed for.

        They may wish to make these things clearer.

  3. How does Godaddy give back to the communities who’s software they benefit from? On average, how many engineer hours a month are spent contributing to Open Source Projects? Which projects are the main recipients of this time?

  4. The thing I’d most like to know is this: Do they feel that they can’t compete by advertising their service on its merits rather than objectifying women? Because I like their domain services, if not their hosting, but I’m so offended by their marketing that I feel scummy every time I log in. The only reason I stay is that I’ve been burned with every other registrar I’ve tried.

    I realize the people you’ll be talking to probably have nothing at all to do with the marketing, but that’s what I’d ask everyone, from the janitor on up, if I visited.

    1. I have a small crush on Danica Patrick, so I’m okay with it.

      I want to know more about their cloud hosting, and if they plan to allow users of their older hosting to switch without taking such a monetary hit.

  5. I don’t know if this is late, but: do they support any caching method that could be used with plugins like W3 Total Cache and if not, do they plan to support it?

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