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Given my new position as a contributing developer to WordPress and a member of the core commit team, I have sufficiently twisted my own arm to begin a blog, something I’ve failed to find the time to do for many months now.

The delay is mainly because I was never able to decide on a design for my own site — what’s a web designer without his own theme? — but each day I move further away from (some might say progress?) the role of designer to developer. Plus, the new Twentyten theme coming in WordPress 3.0 is quite stylish, and I might as well eat the dog food. (And, I’d like to capitalize on the fact that my name on WordPress.org needs to link somewhere.)

Tonight I’ll be making a presentation on WordPress 3.0 to a small WordPress meetup in D.C., and I needed a site of my own to reference, as I’ll be posting slides, notes and probably audio after.

Over time, I imagine I’ll muse about WordPress core development and plugin best practices. While I don’t plan to just talk about WordPress, I imagine most posts will be tied to web design and development in some way. I will probably feature a few projects I have done for The GW Hatchet, where I have faithfully served as its web director, so online journalism and innovation may get some play. And I’ll probably wander randomly at times into other topics.

Here’s to the sharing of knowledge and good conversation.

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Andrew Nacin

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3 thoughts on “Hello world”

  1. Hey Nacin, nice to see that I can find you somewhere now 😉

    Anyway, I’m glad you started blogging. You’ve got a lot of experience in WordPress development, I imagine your blog posts will be super insightful. Good luck on the presentation!

  2. Hi Nacin,

    Great first blog post – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through the WP community so far and am certainly going to keep checking back here to see what you’re talking about!

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