About Me

My name is Andrew Nacin, a Lead Developer of the WordPress web publishing platform living in Washington, D.C.

I work as a Tech Ninja at Audrey Capital, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s investment and research firm.

As one of the lead WordPress developers, I wrangle contributions, develop new features, and try to fix more bugs than I create. I am heavily involved in many facets of the WordPress community, ranging from the development cycle to meeting users at as many WordCamps as my schedule allows (see my schedule in the sidebar). I can often be spotted on the bug tracker, development blog, many mailing lists, in the IRC development channel, and throughout wordpress.org.

At Audrey, I work on the infrastructure behind the WordPress community as it extends beyond the software — like the wordpress.org site — and other random projects.

I prefer decisions over options.

Check out my Gravatar profile if you need to contact me. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (I’m @nacin), and when you see me around, don’t forget to say hello!