My meetup presentation on WordPress 3.0

Last night I introduced WordPress 3.0 to about 15 individuals at a D.C. meetup. It was a resounding success and I had the chance to meet some very interesting people from a number of different backgrounds with a wide range of talents.

The slides I presented, which are below, can be technical in nature, but that’s only because it’s far easier to show the technical drivel on a slide and then talk at a less-technical level. There were a few individuals who had very little experience in WordPress — plugin developers were in the minority — but I was able to work my way even through custom post types and taxonomies and it was very well received.

I am sure I will be blogging more about some of the new features in 3.0 in the coming weeks and months, and I know the event organizer, Erik Rapprich, wanted to cross-post my notes and perhaps a voice-over to I doubt I’ll get around to re-doing my presentation for a microphone, but the slides are a start.